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September 20, 2017
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CSA2010 Fix Service


  • First, we obtain the most recent copy of your CSA2010 Pre-Employment Screening Report. Each report contains 7 BASICS (Behavioral Analysis and Safety improvement Categories) sections;

    • Unsafe Driving; Fatigued Driving; Driver Fitness
    • Loading/Cargo Issues; Vehicle Maintenance
    • Controlled Substance/Alcohol
    • Crash Indicator

  • Next, a dedicated Driver Advocate works for you to clean up your CSA2010 report. We review your CSA2010 Pre-Employment screening Report with you personally to determine inaccurate or inconsistent items on the report in any of the BASICS; such as removal of dismissed tickets from your Unsafe Driving section; removal of inaccurate DOT or other law enforcement agency warnings/violations such as load securement or log/hours of service violations.

  • We initiate a dispute of inaccurate information under federal law with the FMCSA. The dispute process will take about two months to complete, under Federal law. At the end of the dispute process, you will receive a new revised report.

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Displaying 1-1 of 1 Found.

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