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CSA2010 Pre-Employment Screening Report FIX Service:

  • First, we obtain the most recent copy of your CSA2010 PSP (Pre-Employment Screening Profile report.
  • Next we set up a phone appointment with you and one of our Driver Advocte Paralegals to review the report with you and determine which violations, tickets, warnings, OOS we need to work to remove.
  • Then we initiate a data challenge under federal law with the FMCSA.The dispute process will take about two monthsto complete. At the end of the dispute process, you will receive a new revised report and we will have another phone appointment with you to review your results. You will receive a copy of the revised report.

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One Complete CSA2010 PSP Report:

Your Report service includes;

Each report contains BASICS sections;

o Unsafe Driving; Fatigued Driving; Driver Fitness

o Loading/Cargo Issues; Vehicle Maintenance

o Controlled substance/Alcohol

o Crash Indicator

We call you to review your report answer any questions you may have.

If there are inaccurately reported items on the report, you will have the option to upgrade to our CSA2010 Fix Service at $240, (discounted $49

for the cost of your report purchase)

Your CSA2010 report will take about 20 days to receive. We will email, U.S. Mail or fax it to you.

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One Complete CSA2010 PSP Report

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